Dish Solar Concentration Tracking System
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Working Principle 

Dish solar tracking system consists of a dual-axis tracker that adopts horizontal system of coordinates and a dish parabolic concentrator. The dual-axis tracker is made up of sensors, controllers, mechanical transmission components, etc, which makes the dish concentrator aligned with the sun and track the sun’s position in real time. The dish concentrator is made up of a number of parabolic facets, which can concentrate the sunlight with very high concentration rate onto itsfocal point where the Stirling engine receiver is installed. The receiver absorbs the high-temperature thermal energy from the sun and converts it into mechanical energy which drives the engine to generate electricity.

Product Characteristics 

Excellent light gathering power: concentration ratio above 1200; 

Efficient Conversion: solar to electricity conversion rate up to 33%;

High quality power: directly connected to grid without any inverter;

Applicable for centralized grid-connected power generation, off-grid or distributed power plants;

Pollution free, low water consumption and applicable to 30°sloping area.

Direct conversion from solar to power, independent of water resources, and ideal option for desert areas; 



Dish solar tracking system integrated with solar Stirling engine can constitute the Stirling solar thermal power generation equipment. The principle is providing the highly concentrated sunlight to the Stirling engine as the heat source to drive the generator to generate power. 

The dish solar tracking system integrated with gas turbine can constitute the dish Brayton solar thermal power generation system. The working principle is providing the highly concentrated sunlight to the gas turbine as the heat source to drive the gas turbine to generate power.

The dish solar tracking system can be used for sea water desalination. The principle is using dish solar tracking system to directly heat the sea water until water evaporates and is separated from the salts through distillation. This can help to mitigate the shortage of fresh water resources. It has strong adaptability to various land forms, thus suitable for applications in islands, coasts and such areas without or deficient in electricity.

The dish solar concentration tracking systemintegrated with a thermos-acoustic enginecan constitute the solarthermoacoustic power generation equipment. The working principle is to transmit the highly concentrated solar energy to the hot side of the engine and then use the thermoacoustic generator for heat-to-power conversion.

Dish solar concentration tracking system can be used for urban heat supply. The working principle is to heat up the air with dish tracking system and then store such hot air into a kind of medium for heating.

The dish solar tracking system can be used for hydrogen production with sea water. The principle is utilizing the dish solar tracking system to produce hydrogen through thermal chemical decomposition which makes the water react under high temperature to generate hydrogen and oxygen. 

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