The energy storage capacity of the crescent dunes is larger than that of the global storage battery energy storage capacity
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110MW molten salt tower solar thermal power plant barchan dune in the depths of the Nevada desert area, equipped with more than 10000 sets of heliostat and the size of each set of heliostat is equivalent to the size of a highway billboard, rule order around the track up to 640 feet high (about 195 meters) giant heat absorbing tower, this is feel shocking scenes can even make people think that it is used for human and outer space possible alien communication tools.

But behind the scenes engineers and investors in the crescent dune project, the promise of a continuous and stable generation of power supply by the crescent dunes is not a myth. The power station is responsible for the development and operation of the SolarReserve, can meet the needs of 75000 families of electricity. Crescent dunes and other large solar thermal power station of difference is that it can heat storage aside for a rainy day, such as rainy day or night time. There is no doubt that in the field of renewable energy, the use of molten salt tower solar thermal power generation technology has taken a leap forward.

SolarReserve's chief executive, KevinSmith, said: "this is the world's first large-scale use of molten salt tower solar thermal power generation technology, the technology can truly replace traditional energy."

The majority of photovoltaic solar power plants use solar panels to absorb energy, the direct conversion of light energy into electrical energy, and then directly for users to use. Indeed, in the abundant sunshine sunny time, this technology is practical, but if there are clouds leisurely drifting, power plant operation may greatly affected. In addition, when the sun is shining, if we do not need electricity, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels will be wasted in vain.

Compared to the above defects of photovoltaic power generation, including the new moon sand dunes, some of the thermal power plant is perfect to solve a similar problem. Barkhan hydropower station by tens of thousands of sets of heliostats reflecting sunlight to the central heating tower. In the tower, collecting light to medium molten salt is heated to 1050 DEG F (566 DEG C). The molten salt can be well stored, so that the power plant into a storage battery. When power underwriters need electricity, power plant operators using molten salt heat storage system in the storage of heat and water heat and generate steam to drive a turbine. It is worth mentioning that, in the course of the operation of the above, you can achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide.

It is reported that the new moon dune is just one of the three optical thermal power plant developed by SolarReserve using the above technology, is also built in the United States the first large-scale molten salt tower solar thermal power plant. As regulatory agencies continue to develop clean energy, this energy storage type thermal power generation technology has the potential to develop rapidly in the next few years. For example, New York and California are planning to achieve renewable energy power generation in the next few decades, accounting for about 50% of the total electricity consumption target, if there is no clean energy storage form, the above objectives are difficult to achieve.

In the next few years, the development space of solar thermal power will depend on its cost. Professor JayApt power center of Carnegie Mellon University said that although solar thermal power generation heat collecting and heat storage way currently relatively new and expensive, but after large-scale deployment can significantly reduce costs, and quickly upgrade the competitiveness.

"As photovoltaic power generation, we hope that the learning curve of the thermal power generation technology can also be tilted down as quickly as possible," said Professor JayApt. If more thermal power projects are deployed, we will do better."

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