GOE Participate in energy saving and environmental protection exhibition in 2016
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6 to 8 April, Oriental Honghai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing participated in the annual energy saving and low carbon and environmental protection exhibition.

In recent years, the Urban Haze is more and more serious, clean water less and less, people pay more attention to the environment, how to solve these problems become China and the world environmental organization concerned problem.

By 2015, in the global climate change conference in Paris, the UN called for countries around the world. By the end of this century, the abolition of all fossil fuel use, our President Xi Jinping, at the meeting also made entitled "work together to build a win-win cooperation, fair and equitable climate change Governance Mechanism" of the important speech, China in 2030, non fossil energy accounted for primary energy consumption than weighing about 20%.
These will be, and the majority of new energy together, shoulder the mission of the times, to create green energy, renewable energy for mankind.

Above shows the scene of the exhibition, Poland, India, the United States, and related to the field of domestic exhibition for the guests are on GOE very interested in asked in detail about the product information and application, intention and Honghai cooperate.

       GOE by participating in the exhibition, in addition to product display Honghai company, also want to through the exhibition, let more and more people understand the photothermal, understand the new energy, also hope that more and more organizations and enterprises to join to create the ranks of green energy to.

Newspaper reporter in China energy brochure carefully look at the company's vice president Xiang Hong, we ask the lady's.


Ms. Xiang Hong is vice president of the company to reporter Zhangjiagang Oriental's solar thermal power generation demonstration garden.

Exhibition team

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