Stirling Engine
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Working Principle of Stirling Engine:

Heat sources are applied to the exterior of the engine, heating the heat collector full of helium or hydrogen, which expands internally. As the power gas, the expanded helium or hydrogen pushes the piston to move, meanwhile, entering the cooler where it is cooled down quickly and produces power via cold compression. Such cyclic process is repeated and the Stirling engine performs this reciprocating motion continuously, driving the generator to produce electricity. 

Advantages of Stirling Engine:

Compared with internal combustion engines, Stirlingengines are characterized byitsapplicability to a wide variety of heat sources, low volume, light weight, quiet operation, long life cycle, high combustion efficiency, and ease of maintenance, etc. 

25kW Solar Stirling Thermal Power Generation Equipment


With helium or hydrogen as the cyclic heat-transfer medium and the high temperature heat produced at the focal point of solar concentrator as the energy input, the solar Stirling engine independently developed by GOE absorbs the transferred heat and makes mechanical work by gas expansion through the energy conversion and cyclic system ( Stirling cycle system) consisting of heat exchanger,hotrunner, regenerator, gas cooler, gas expansion/compression cavity made up of cylinders and pistons. The mechanical transmission system converts the reciprocating linear motion of pistons into rotary motion of power shaft to output mechanical energy and drive the working machine (generator) to operate. 

Product Characteristics:

Environmentally friendly: No pollution during production process, energy saving and environmentally friendly.

Flexible Configuration: Distributed power generation to meet demands from independent operation of stand-alone 25kW system to operation of the medium and large (above MW) cluster-type power plant.

Highly efficient and economical: High heat-to-electricity conversion rate and low operation cost.

Reliable performance and easy maintenance: The engine can operate at full life time for over 15-20 years without power attenuation; easier for maintenance and better performance than small internal combustion engines. 

Technical Indicators and Main Parameters:



To build large scale solar thermal power plant

To build distributed power plantsin remoteisland, pastoralarea,and such areas without or deficient in electric power.

To build distributed power plant on oil field and remote mountain areas.

To provide off-grid and grid-connected electric power for single household, individual office building, broadcast station and microwave station. 

Gas powered Stirling Thermal Power Generation Equipment


Working Principle:

The gas powered Stirling power generation system independently developed by GOE is one of external combustion heat engines, whose internal working gas is not involved in the combustion. It can effectively utilize the external heat sources to operate the entire system and produce clean electricity and heat. It can alsogenerate electricity, heat refrigeration and other functions in the same time. 

Product Characteristics:

Simple Mechanism: The number of parts of this engine is only about 2/3 of that of internal combustion engine,whichsubstantially reduce the engine weight.

Compact Structure: This engine adopts a four-cylinder double action closed cyclic system and swash plate transmission, which compresses the overall structure into a very small space.

High Conversion Efficiency: The overall energy conversion efficiency of this power generation equipment is more than 80%, and heat-to-power conversion rate is up to 30%, which is incomparable by other types of power generation equipments.

Diversity of Fuels: This power generation equipment can use combustible gases of broad range of heat values. In addition to natural gas, it can also use combustible gases of low caloric value, such as methane, coal bed gas, and etc.

Low Noise: Due to the feature of being externally combustible, the noise level of this power generation equipment is much lower than the common internal combustion power generation equipment.

Smooth Operation: Compared with internal combustion engines, the fuels are continuously combusted in the combustion chamber outside the cylinder of this engine and the heat is absorbed by the heater independent of the gaseous working medium, thus the knocking work and intermittent combustion process can be avoided, which results in a fairly smooth operation.

Convenient Maintenance: The simple mechanism, small size, light weight and fewer parts of this power generation equipment result in easy maintenance and convenience for the users.

Refrigeration Function: This power generation equipment can realize refrigeration by reverseoperation and the minimum temperature can reach -180℃. 

 Technical Parameters:



Large oil drill platforms are driven by internal combustion enginessusceptible to severe corrosion. Gas-powered Stirling engine can be a good substitute for energy-saving reconstruction in this field.

Utilization rate of the exhaust gas and coal cinder from furnaces of smelting enterprises is only 10-15%. If they are utilized as heat sources of Stirling engine to generate electricity, annual power output could be increased significantly.

The methane resources in Chinese rural areas are mostly utilized for daily life without being converted into secondary energy. If they can be used as the heat source for Stirling engines to generate electricity, the generating cost will be substantially reduced.

At present, most of the compressed straws produced in China are exported to Europe, which results in outflow of such renewable energy. If they can be used as the heat source for Stirling engines to generate electricity, the energy utilization rate will be improved significantly. Therefore, promotion and application of Stirling engine in this field is imminent.

Gas powered Stirling engine can be used as the power source for hybrid electric vehicles.

Gas powered Stirling engine can be used as efficient fast cooling refrigerator through reverse operation. 

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