Stirling engine to achieve large-scale production in China
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On November 18, Oriental Honghai Zhangjiagang solar thermal power generation demonstration park officially launched ceremony, with an annual output of 1 million units of Stirling engine production line product line ceremony and an annual output of 10 million units of Stirling engine industrial base foundation stone laying ceremony at the same time, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province held. In the industry view, this means that the dish Stirling solar thermal power generation machine will form a batch scale production capacity.

Scale driven cost reduction

Stirling engine since its birth in 1816, due to the thermal conversion rate is high, has the advantages of simple structure, high power density is regarded as "the engine industry the third revolution" and due to the technology, process, cost and other reasons, has been limited to used in military, aerospace and other fields. When the United States SES company will be pushed to the commercialization of solar thermal power generation, it is known as the solar thermal power generation crown jewel".

Oriental Honghai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. chairman and President Wang Zhensheng told reporters, wide market application prospect of Stirling, drive that the sustainability of the industrial development, by Stirling industry promote not only the quality of the products has been further optimized, and can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the dish solar thermal power generation, the installation cost and operating cost.

Oriental Honghai company said that 10 million units of Stirling engine industrial base after the operation will form a production capacity of annual output of 10 million units of 25 kW to 50 kW of dish Stirling machine, including solar Stirling engine of 6 million, the gas Stirling engine 4 million units, is expected to become the world most advanced Stirling assembly, commissioning, testing base.

It is reported that, at present, Oriental Honghai is fulfilling orders a dish Stirling solar thermal power project in Thailand. The total size is 10.5 MW, need to install 25 kW dish / Stirling machine a total of 420 units, which is Chinese dish Stirling manufacturers won for the first time overseas commercial solar thermal power project orders.

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