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Oriental Great Ocean New Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd ( abbreviated as “GOE”, whose predecessor is Dalian Great Ocean New Energy Development Co.,Ltd) is located at Jin Feng High-tech Innovation Park in Zhang Jiagangcityof Jiangsu Province. GOEis a high-tech enterprise specialized in theR&D, manufacturing, sales, demonstration application, power plant construction (EPC) and power plant operation (BT, BOT, BOOT) involvingStirlingsolar thermal power generationsystem. Its main products include: dish Stirling solar thermal power generation system,gas-powered Stirlingthermal power generation system, tower Brayton solar-gas hybrid power generation system, power tower heliostat system,solar thermal heating system, self-contained automatic tracking system for PV product, etc. Currently, it has obtained more than 80 patents and was awarded the National New High-tech Enterprise in 2013. 


GOE has been devoting itself to R&D innovations. It has integrated the expertise of the leading experts at home and abroad and the manufacturing technologies of the core components, based on which, significant breakthroughs have been made in the structural design, selection of component materials, casting and welding process, sealing process, and machining and assembly accuracy for the Stirling solar thermal power generation system. GOE has built aStirling engine production line with the capacity up to 10,000 units per yearin Zhang Jiagang, which has been launched to produce and supply productsfor a 10.5 MW project in Thailand.


Now, GOE plans to invest two billion RMBbetween 2016 and 2017to construct a facility with capacity of 100,000 units per year dedicated for the production, assembly and test of solar and gas-powered Stirling power generation equipments and its auxiliary products, which will be the world largest production base for Stirling engine products.      


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